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Wishing you a warm welcome to the Mind Body and Soul Centre for Meditation and Wellbeing. 
Here, you can interact wherever you are in the World and receive

in person at a multi-award winning Natural Therapy Clinic in Haywards Heath

* Deep Relaxation Treatments 
* Fertility Support
* Pregnancy Relaxation 
* Birthing 

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'Thank you for the amazing Reiki treatment, as always, Elizabeth.
I feel truly blessed to have you in my life, 
you're an earth angel" 

'I feel more relaxed than I've ever experienced in my life when I receive a Reiki treatment with you, thank you'

'Everything I've asked  you to send prayers and Reiki healing to, has turned out successfully, and my business is now also thriving - bring on more 'turbo powered' Reiki please! - you're amazing!'

 'I apologise for being so emotional during my treatment, I was overcome with feelings of being unconditionally loved. This is something I haven't ever experienced before. Thank you...
My goodness you ARE an angel - 
what's your angel name?" 

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All services provided by The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing work to fully complement orthodox medical care, and, as such, expand treatment options. If you have any concerns regarding your health and well being you must first consult your doctor or specialist before commencing any treatments plans with The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Meditation and Wellbeing.