Sacred Space Centre for Reiki and Meditation - REIKI SHARE EVENTS
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A luxurious time of healing, sharing, nurturing, laughter and support, 
awaits you at
The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing's
'Sacred Space' Reiki Share Retreats

 A very special time and supportive and caring environment is provided for you at
 'Sacred Space' Reiki Share Retreats

'Sacred Space' Reiki Reteat events include; Reiki healing share treatments, guided meditations, talks, discussion, sharing of experiences, and the opportunity for you to increase and strengthen your Reiki energies and meet with fellow Reiki healers.
By Invitation Only
If you are a Reiki Healer and would like to join us,
 please speak with us directly 


For all bookings and enquiries

or call

+ 44 078 353 796 12


All services provided by The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing work to fully complement orthodox medical care, and, as such, expand treatment options. If you have any concerns regarding your health and well being you must first consult your doctor or specialist before commencing any treatments plans with 
The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing.