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Reiki Healing  - Angel Card Readings


Receive Reiki Healing in person at a  
multi-award winning Natural Health Clinic in 
Haywards Heath in the heart of the 
beautiful Sussex countryside, 
or request Reiki to be sent to yourself, a loved one, pet, 
or situation to bring comfort, relaxation and support.

Reiki  Healing
 Natural Face Lift Massage 
Indian Head Massage 

Working with Nature 
Treating Causes and Symptoms of 'dis-ease'
Providing Natural Pain Relief 
Relaxation Treatments
Relaxation Techniques 
Fertility Support
Pregnancy Relaxation 
Overdue Birth Assistance 

Meditation Classes and Retreats 
  Reiki Healing Circle Public Events
Reiki Training Courses for Students 
Reiki Share Retreats for Reiki Practitioners 

'Thank you for the amazing Reiki treatment, 
it felt wonderful as always 
my beautiful Earth Angel '
J.A. - Reiki Master Teacher

'I feel more relaxed than I've ever experienced in my life when I receive a Reiki treatment with you, 
thank you'
B.B. - West Sussex

“Thank you Elizabeth.  This Meditation course has been truly life changing and invaluable for me.  
I see everyone and everything now in a different light. 'Light' as in seeing the best in everything around me”                                                                       
 Anon - West Sussex 


078 353 796 12 
email:  [email protected]                                                 

All services provided by The 'SACRED SPACE' Centre for Reiki and Meditation work to fully complement orthodox medical care, and, as such, expand treatment options. If you have any concerns regarding your health and well being you must first consult your doctor or specialist before commencing any treatments plans with the 'SACRED SPACE' Centre for Reiki and Meditation