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The 'Sacred Space' Centre for Reiki and Meditation was thoughtfully and lovingly created by principal Elizabeth Bailey IEB, IFR (BCMA), RMT.

Elizabeth's groundbreaking  Self Help book 'Sacred Space' A Guide to Healing and Recovery, attained best selling status after its publication in 2006 with the world leading online store Amazon. 

With over 17 years of experience of working directly with the general public within the Natural Health Industry, Elizabeth Bailey has a wealth of knowledge and professional expertise, which she provides to patients and students alike and her Healing, Intuitive Angel Readings, Daily Inspirational Messages and Meditation and Spiritual Teachings  are  followed by some of the worlds leading Public Figures, Business Owners and Executives, Life Coaches and Spiritual Teachers.

Known affectionately by her patients and students as 'The Angel Lady' Elizabeth is also known as 'The Angel Whisperer' due to Elizabeth's natural  sensitivities and abilities to feel and sense subtle energy forms and relay accurate informative messages and guidance to others with the Intuitive Angel Readings and Messages she provides. 

Elizabeth Bailey has natural psychic and healing abilities, which, were evident since her childhood. What began as a self interest and personal love for natural therapies for Elizabeth, has developed into the professional Natural Holistic Therapy Services, which are enjoyed by and help people all over the world, and are now provided for you to also enjoy and gain much from through this website.

To this day, Elizabeth Bailey is also referred to and affectionately known by many as

'The Psychic to the Psychics' 

although, Elizabeth often states that she  is indeed  'different' to many, she's very much as 'human' as everyone else in every way! 

Elizabeth's professional natural therapy, comprehensive first aid training, and  richness of her own life experiences, enable Elizabeth to share her great knowledge and wisdom with you. 

Elizabeth works to inspire and assist others to heal and empower themselves through providing healing, education and support. 

All therapists who work via the 'Sacred Space' Centre for Reiki and Meditation  are fully qualified and insured to practise as Natural Therapists. Further therapist profiles will appear on this website soon.

Elizabeth Bailey - Professional Awards and Qualifications Gained
  • International Examination Board Diploma (IEB) - Advanced Anatomy and Physiology - 1999
  • International Federation of Reflexology Certificate (IFR) British Complementary Medical Association (BCMA) Affiliate - Professional Reflexology - 1999
  • Usui Ryoho Reiki Training Commenced - 2005
  • Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher and Seichim Master Teacher and Trainer Certified - 2008
  • Introduction to Basic Counselling Skills Study course attendance certificate - West Sussex County Council Education Services - 2008
  • Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University Honoury Blessing - 2011
  • Natural Lift Facial Rejuvenation Massage Certificate - 2012
  • Indian Head Massage Course Attendance Certificate - 2012
First Aid Training
  • Brighton Heart Guard Basic Life Support Certificate CPR - 1996
  • British Red Cross Basic First Aid Training Certificate - 1999 - presently updated
  • British Airways Cabin Crew Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support Staff Training - 2001

Group, Business, and Voluntary Charity Services 
Elizabeth Bailey has provided her natural healing services to international banking organisations, schools, and schools for children with severe learning difficulties. Some of the many groups and organisations who have gained benefit from Elizabeth's work include:
Breast Cancer Support Group, The Princess Royal Hospital
Breast Cancer Support Group, Crawley Hospital
The Stroke Association
Age UK
The National Childbirth Trust
The Eczema Society
Court Meadow School 
Queen Elizabeth 11 School
Great Walsted School
The Silver Threads Group
The Princess Royal Hospital Maternity Unit
The Womens Institute (WI)
And the good work continues...

Home, hospital, and clinic based consultations with fully qualified, insured, and highly experienced holistic therapists from The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing are provided by prior arrangement.

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All services provided by The 'SACRED SPACE' Centre for Reiki and Meditation work to fully complement orthodox medical care, and, as such, expand treatment options. If you have any concerns regarding your health and well being you must first consult your doctor or specialist before commencing any treatments plans with the 'SACRED SPACE' Centre for Reiki and Meditation.