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Traditional Usui Reiki Training is undertaken in the form of three degree levels of training: 
Reiki Degree Levels One, Two, and Three (Master Teacher). These 'degrees' are not classed the same as an educational degree, although, they are similar, in that the learning and practice of working with, and using Reiki energy, requires many years of work and practical study for an initiate of Reiki to become a Reiki Master, hence, the term 'degrees'.
It is a requirement of training with The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing that professional training structures are taught and adequate time periods between Reiki training levels taken, for a Reiki student to become used to, and proficient at, working with this powerful system of energy healing. 
Professional training, codes of conduct and ethics, and time allowance between levels of Reiki training with The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing are implemented to importantly provide safety for people receiving Reiki treatments, so that Reiki healing treatments can be enjoyed and practiced, as they should always be, with safety.
Elizabeth also talks with people prior to offering a placement on a Reiki Training course to ensure that the students individual state of mind, and intentions for becoming a Reiki healer, are suitable to undertake the training The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing provides.
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level One (Shoden)
Course Duration:  Two full days
On completion of this Reiki Level One course, you will receive tuition and attunements (initiation) to becoming a Reiki Healer, and will be able to administer Reiki Healing treatments to yourself, family, friends, pets and plants.  Reiki is a deeply relaxing healing technique, that can help to soothe the mind, body and emotions, restore vital energy levels, ease aches and pains, help support and strengthen the immune system, and accelerate the body's own healing responses. In cases of the sick or terminally ill, Reiki treatments can help to relax, ease pain and anxiety, and bring comfort to all who request healing.
Much of the Reiki level One course with The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing, is focussed on healing the self. There will be a twenty-one day cleansing period immediately after receiving your Reiki Level One attunement. A written report of your own progress is required, prior to receiving certification on this course. You can remain at Reiki Level One or progress further to Reiki Level Two at a later date. A minimum of three months experience and practice at Reiki Level One is required before commencing Reiki Level Two with The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing.
The course includes a Reiki Level One course manual.
After a traditionally required twenty-one day training period a Reiki Level One certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course.
You will also receive your Reiki lineage certificate with a record of your direct lineage to Sensei Mikao Usui, who rediscovered and became the Grand Master of Reiki healing in the late 1800's.
Sensei Mikao Usui 1865 - 1926 

Next Reiki Level One Training Date:  Please contact us directly.
Tuition Fee:  £295.00
Reiki Level Two (Okuden) Practitioner Level
Course Duration: Two full days
This course is open to initiates of Reiki Level One. A more in-depth study of Reiki is undertaken in this next step on your Reiki journey. 
You will receive further attunements (initiation) to Reiki Level Two and will learn the three sacred Reiki symbols to help enhance your energy work and to be able to send distant healing to anyone, anywhere and requested for any time. This level of Reiki training requires you to demonstrate Reiki treatments on other Reiki practitioners, on each day of your course. After the successful completion of your training for Reiki Level Two, with The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing, you will receive a Reiki Practitioner Level certification and will be given advice and tuition on how to run your own Reiki practice. Many people simply become Reiki Level Two Practitioners to enhance their abilities to channel Reiki for their own personal healing purposes and use, and this course is also specifically tailored to suit this purpose.
In addition to Reiki Level One training, a minimum of two years experience and practice at Reiki Level Two is required to receive attunements to Master Teacher Level with The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing.
The course includes a Reiki Level Two course manual. 
A Reiki Two Practitioner Level certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the two day course.
Next Reiki Level Two Training Date:  Please contact us directly.
Tuition Fee: £395.00 

Reiki Level Three - Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher (Shinpiden) Incorporating Sechim Master Teacher Training
Course Duration:  Two full days
Reiki Master Teacher Level training with The Mind, Body and Soul Centre for Wellbeing is only open to initiates who have successfully completed Reiki Levels One and Two. You will receive attunements (initiation) in becoming a Reiki Master Teacher and all necessary training and instruction in becoming a teacher of Reiki to others, including completing initiations on other Reiki practitioners. As well as enhancing your abilities to channel Reiki at a strengthened level. Reiki Master Level is very often experienced as a positively 'life-changing' time. And therefore, should not be embarked upon unless the student of Reiki is sure that they are ready for this huge shift in their energy field and lives and that they have become 'masters' of their craft.
Training for Reiki Master Teacher Level Three, is by request from the Reiki initiate at a time when Reiki initiate is ready to take this next important and exiting step on their Reiki journey.
Tuition Fee:  £755.00
The course includes a Reiki Master Teacher Level Three course manual. 
A Reiki Master Teacher certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the two day course

Advanced Reiki Master Teacher One to One Mentor Training  
Course Duration:  One full day
A specialised, confidence building course for Reiki Masters who wish to further develop teaching and public speaking skills, media presentations, and facilitate their own classes and / or open their own centre for healing.
Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Training is by request of the Reiki Master Teacher initiate.
Tuition fee:  £375.00
The course includes Advanced Reiki Level Teacher Training notes. 
An Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Training certificate will be awarded on successful completion of this valuable one day course.
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All services provided by The 'SACRED SPACE' Centre for Reiki and Meditation work to fully complement orthodox medical care, and, as such, expand treatment options. If you have any concerns regarding your health and well being you must first consult your doctor or specialist before commencing any treatments plans with the 'SACRED SPACE' Centre for Reiki and Meditation.