New Year Blessings
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New Year Blessings

Dear Reader, It's been a while since I last wrote a blog, mainly because I needed to get used to writing again after a long time out from my work due to family commitments. However, I'm back now and fully at your service!
Happy New Year to you! Are you 'ready' and enthusiastic about another trip around the Sun? Are you making the most of your time here on this stunningly beautiful, fragile, planet of ours? Are you feeling the 'changes' that are happening with our energy levels, heightened intuitive senses and seeing humanity going a little 'stir crazy' as we settle into this new axis of transformation of existence on an earth that is miraculously suspended in space? Does what I write here make you think that I'm a new age freak? Or do my words resonate with you? If it's the latter, then you're in the right place and we are connecting, which is wonderful! If it's the former, then that's ok too, we are simply travellers who are on different paths right now, and I wish you well on your journey. As an 'energy healer' I am so excited with the changes that are occurring all around us. I often feel myself at times getting caught up in all the theatricals of society and really start to feel fearful at times! Then, I realise, that there is nothing to fear, because fear is a 'feeling' and not reality. I sit quietly and meditate on those words and that understanding, and somehow, all of the feelings of 'fear' melt away and worry turns to concern as I bring more light into all situations to know also that there are blessings to be found in all situations, in time... My work as an 'energy healer' and psychic intuitive brings many blessings, which I love to share with fellow travellers who are ready to listen.
My message to pass on to you Dear Reader, is to embrace your gift of intuition wholeheartedly.  We have entered a new phase of creation. We are the Ones who can turn man made greed and poverty into freedom, trust and love for all humanity.
And let it begin with one simple act of kindness towards yourself right in this moment. Close your eyes momentarily to help cut out any distractions and ask yourSELF: "What is it I need right now in this moment?" and pay attention to what comes to you in your thoughts. It may even be a single word, like 'love' for instance, it may be a simple refreshment like food or water, or warmth or rest. And make sure you give yourSELF that simple need. It's so important, and you deserve to receive kindness right here and now and every day! So start with yourSELF and then resonate that kindness out to others, just a simple smile to another person, a kind word of praise, a compliment, call a relative or friend and ask how they are, and tell them you love them. Most of all enjoy connecting with your HigherSELF and repeat as often as humanly possible.
Take good care of yourSELF and others and remember you are very precious and eternally loved, no matter what you believe to be any different! And of course, what anyone else thinks about you should be no concern what so ever to you, unless it's good of course! ;)
Sending you my love and blessings on this snowy and very , very, beautiful day and always,
Remember, I am here for you and can send some distance healing to you, a family member or friend, or pet, or situation, or provide you with an email 'Angel Card Intuitive Reading' via the Products and Services Page on this website, if you would like my extra support.
With all blessings to you x