Mindfulness of The Mind Menace
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Mindfulness of The Mind Menace

Dear Reader, welcome to my second blog of this brand new shiny and exciting year!
How are you doing? What word came onto your mind when you just read my question about how are you doing? Please remember to take notice of what your inner self is telling you... Are you managing to keep as positive as possible during our transition into the year 2013? Check out the weather, it's all been a little unsettled to say the least, and of course, being all part of, anåd containing the same chemical compounds as the stars themselves, it's no wonder that we feel 'differently' and our energy changes with the perpetual changes of our weather.  Including air pressure change, which has immediate effects in our physicality.The moon and tides have an enormous effect on how our bodies, emotions and minds react too, so do take extra care of yourself during this time of blessed change.
Now.. Many people for all sorts of perfectly natural reason's tend to be reluctant to embrace change and often even fear it. Take a moment to check out how it makes you feel when you read, speak, and contemplate the word 'change'... What do you associate change with? To be?  Is it a feeling associated to a past event maybe? Remember, that fear is a 'feeling' and, therefore, not reality... And if the word change makes you feel at all uneasy, that indicates that you may well have some inner healing work to do, and remember, I'm here for you if you would like some support with your inner work to get your inner light shining again.
I catch myself telling myself the most scariest of stories about certain situations at times, and the mind can be fairly explicit with conjuring up all sorts of scary, horrible pictures/scenarios, however, the mind can only play 'mind menace' if we allow it to take control.
Take time to meditate now and again momentarily throughout your day, because that's all it takes, a moment, or two, and the word meditate (contrary to popular belief), actually means 'to think' . So, think for a moment of two at times throughout your day, (when not driving or operating machinery of course). And check out if you are allowing your 'mind menace' to scare you... Try it and see, it takes practice, but if you can catch your mind when it's running riot with negative or scary thoughts, and chose to turn your thoughts to seeking the blessings of scenarios/situations, you will gain enormous comfort and benefit.  Remember along the lines that endings are always followed by new beginnings, and when challenging times occur, it means that something needs to come to a head, be aired, dealt with, and released physically and emotionally.  When the aforementioned things happen, it's a clear sign that a healing process is occurring, and therefore, resistance to it is futile and will only serve to prolong any agony.  So,let the healing commence and flow and know that new and good things and many blessings are about to occur following challenging times, if, and when you allow them to...
To remind yourself to check out your thoughts throughout the day, maybe set an alarm to ring at intervals during the day, if possible, once every hour, and as soon as the alarm alerts you - take it as your cue to check out your thoughts, and if they are negative, or scary thoughts, remember you have a choice if you wish to continue to think in such a way, or to think of a positive solution to your thoughts, and fundamentally that balance is the key.
When we are going through more challenging times, we are naturally going to be feeling more emotional and concerned, but remember to take a mind break and physical break away from whatever it is that you are facing up to during these times, so that you can keep grounded and balanced. After all, it's when we are facing challenges, or caring for others that we need to practice staying even more grounded and balanced, so that we can cope better ourselves and, in turn, be of much better service to others, simple to know, and even better to remind ourselves of often.
Until next time, be safe, be brave, be loving, be caring, be kind, be mindful of your thought patterns and keep that 'mind menace ' in check ;)
Embrace change, change has the hallmark of blessings to come.
Sending you love, light and very special blessings,