Special Wish From Me To You!
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Special Wish From Me To You!

Dear Reader, I'm writing this blog to you on 'Saint Valentines Day' and am wishing you every happiness and much love today and everyday. Apparently, 'Saint Valentine's Day' is celebrated to commemorate the great work of a priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd century, who was posthumously honoured and named as a Saint.
It is believed that 'Saint Valentine' performed marriage ceremonies for couples who had been unable to marry due to the ruler Claudius 11, who banned all marriages because so many young men were reluctant to fight in the many turbulent campaignes of the time. 
It is also believed that Saint Valentine cut out heart shapes from parchment paper and gave them to the soldiers to remind them of God's love and to keep their Faith when they left for battle.
Saint Valentine is said to have fallen in love with a young blind girl, and it is reported that Saint Valentine performed a miracle by giving the girl her sight back. After being put to execution on February 14th around 270 AD, Saint Valentine's farewell message to the young girl contained the closing words "From Your Valentine". His work is legendary and His legacy of immense value to us all.
Therefore, we give much gratitude and great thanks to You, Dear Saint Valentine, for your wonderful message and work, which we continue to share today - and for the expression of  L O V E in all it's forms.
I'm asking the Universe for an abundance of positive opportunities to come to my family, friends and followers so that their fondest hopes, wishes and prayers become reality for their Highest Good, including YOU!
Because the flow of the Universe works to attain and maintain balance in all aspects and situations and matter, including giving and receiving: This 'Wish' for You only works when it is applied in two parts, and in both ways... So, here is your opportunity!
1) You will need to be EXTRA BRAVE and TAKE ACTION Yourself!
2) You are being encouraged to EXPRESS your affection, Love, admiration, compassion and be kind to yourself and others moreso everyday. I know it sounds simple to know, but putting all of those wonderful things into practise is the key to unleash the flow of abundance and Love to You and others!
3) You are being encouraged to ASK someone (a friend, family member, associate, or someone you admire) to join you for a dinner date, drink, chat, day out, or all of those lovely things!
4)  Be EXTRA VIGILANT... OPEN YOURSELF UP to RECOGNISE OPPORTUNITIES WHEN THEY APPEAR (You may hear something on the TV/radio/overhear a conversation/read something/have an urge to go somewhere/be somewhere/call someone/join an agency) please do it -  TAKE ACTION!
5) KEEP 'ALL' OF YOUR OPTIONS OPEN!  Never say never...  You have been struggling with this for way too long, NOW is the time to TAKE ACTION SO AS TO SHARE AND THUS, RECEIVE!
So, dear reader, the message from the Universe is crystal clear and simple: Be vigilant, be brave, stay safe, take care, have fun and ENJOY!
When we take action, the possibilities are endless!
Until next time, wishing and sending you much Love, Light and Blessings.
Elizabeth x