Spring into Spring with me to put a Spring in Your Step!
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Spring into Spring with me to put a Spring in Your Step!

Dear Reader, thank you for taking the time to visit my Blog Page, I wish you a very warm welcome. I do hope the last week or so since I last sent my Blog out into the airwaves, that you've been, and indeed are, well, and making the most of every second of your Life by doing all the things you love to do, being with the people who you love to spent time with and creating the Life you wish to Live.
I started to share more of my work on-line via Face book , Twitter and right here recently, and not being much of a computer buff, or having a huge amount of spare time, I am amazed to see that the number hits to this website have doubled in five weeks, and I have hundreds of people reading this Blog now after Blogging for only two months and hundreds more people following me more on Social Network sites, wonderful! The results speak for themselves and it's fantastic news because I love sharing what I do best with others,and my work is a great reminder to myself too! Please do feel free to share anything I write, it would be even better if you can quote me as the Author at anytime, so that I can continue helping others to help themselves, and in doing so help you too.
As wonderfully different and unique we are all as individuals - We are all one humanity... As I've quoted before, and am pleased to see that many others have re-quoted my words that 'We are in this together ..  I've noticed this even more-so to be true as when I have had some rare spare time, I've been giving a few free Angel Card Intuitive Readings out via my Face book page, and it's clear to see that we all experience challenging times, we are all affected by our relationships, work, families, finances, inflation, illness, birth, death, the weather, the lot! However, challenges always bring forth our greatest opportunities with them! And it's for us to recognise that when challenges occur, there are far deeper meanings to the 'tests of Faith'  which when we look deeper bring forth blessings in time. It is when we are experiencing challenging times that the deeper meanings of things are literally brought to the fore front of our attention, yet, why is it that somehow we don't always notice them..
My work leads me to communicate with and mentor some of the Worlds leading Life Coaches, Public Figures and Spiritual Teachers, yet, when we are facing challenging times, situations, and certain people!  These situations often render us (as the old adage tells) 'frozen like rabbits caught in the headlights of a car', and all it takes is for us to reach out to another, and instantly, simply by sharing our troubles, concerns or worries, we can gain relief.  It's so true the important message of the other old adage 'a trouble shared is a trouble halved' which our ancestors who've been here, done most things, and share their words of wisdom with us to this day so openly.
I'd like to shake the hand of any person who walks this earth who says that they don't have any problems, concerns, doubts or fears... If only we could see how other people really think and Live, I'm sure we would all have our eyes opened and consciousness awakened a lot wider, have greater perspectives, and that our World would be a much happier place to live in generally.
I'm delighted to report that the Angel Card Intuitive Readings I provide have developed a natural leaning and wider direction more recently too. I now also offer clients a specialised service where I can look into the thoughts of someone else intuitively, so that my client can gain clarity in any relationship (romantic, family, work, a friend etc) and the results are staggeringly accurate (even though I say so myself!) And are beneficial for all parties concerned and we usually have a good laugh when doing the reading too because it's all GOOD, nothing bad will ever come from an Angel Card Intuitive Reading with me, that's a promise and a guarantee, which all in all is proving to be fantastic news for my clients as they are able to move forward positively in all areas of their relationships with people. I've also helped some more lovely clients connect with their departed loved ones in the last few weeks, which is always a very special time to share with others.
For Daily Inspirational Messages join me on my Twitter Page at SacredEliza, or search for Elizabeth Bailey Reiki Master, Author & Spiritual Teacher on Face book, where I share much of my daily work. If you check out the home page of this website you'll be able to pick up the Twitter feed and you'll see how daily we are all being guided together and that it all fits into place, there's a lot of planning for us to do right now to get things moving for us as we come into the beautiful Spring time!
Until next time, take good care, and whatever you do, remember to include heaps of fun in your Life, EVEN MORE SO if you are facing challenges right now. If you would like my help in gaining clarity on any situation, or would like to be sent some distance healing I'm here for you.
Sending you much Love, Light and Blessings today and Always,
Elizabeth x