I Want You to Know How You Can be Spoilt for Choice
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I Want You to Know How You Can be Spoilt for Choice

Dear Reader,
Oh well, it looks like Face Books loss, is your gain for the moment, by that, I mean that I've been trying to load my Inspirational Daily Post on my Face Book Page (by trying to paste from a Word Document on my computer) for the last half hour, but the whole thing doesn't want to 'play ball' at the moment.. It's not Face Books error, it looks like I have a gremlin at work in my Word system somehow... However! Being the great believer that I am in that things are - All, (no matter how odd or frustrating at times!) meant to 'be' - I'll include my daily message here and share it with you instead!
Do you ever, (like me), catch yourself thinking about situations and things in great depth (sometimes way too deep at times!) And unless you consciously choose to take action to change your ways of thinking, those thoughts can somehow end up feeling like they are practically consuming you if your not mindful about them? I've been doing a bit of that recently regarding an important family issue, and found that I really needed to take control back of my mind before I worried myself sick about the situation. So I went back to my personal self help drawing board and re-visit how I handled important / delicate situations in the past and found out what my 'rectifying strategies' were for living through it all to tell the tale, and I want to share what I discovered with you because I believe that no matter what our many differences are, we are all one, and, therefore, can do so much to help one another.
With all situations we come across in our Lives it's important for us to remember that have choices as to how we choose to think and react to them, we can, for instance, either :
  • Choose to think deeply about the situation and 'dive' right into it, like diving into a deep ocean, and if we choose to dive deeply in, we must remember that we will need to come up to take a breather often!
  • Choose to keep our head above the water (situation) by swimming on the top, remembering that choosing to 'swim' will require our physical/mental energies to stay afloat and will require us to come out of the water for complete rest often
  • Choose to 'float' on the surface of the water (situation), remembering that if we choose to float we can feel more relaxed than if we choose to swim, yet we will have to be ready to be buffeted by the waves on the waters (situations) surface at times, and may have to take up swimming at times, especially if the tide changes direction or the water (situation) becomes unsettled
  • Choose to come out of the water and stay out of it and simply observe the water (situation) and our thoughts from a distance
  • Choose to 'sink or swim' in the water (situation) as the old adage goes
  • Choose to do any of the above mentioned actions at anytime
We are so fortunate to have so many choices to choose from when it comes to how we choose to think about situations and things! And although we can't control everything that happens in Life, what we can choose to do, is to choose how we choose to think about situations and how we choose to cope with them.
Whatever you decide how to think and handle situations, remember you do have choices.
Until next time Dear Reader, take care, and if you do decide to take a dip in the water (situation, remember to come up for air and take a break and rest often.
Sending you love, much light and many blessings,
Namaste x