Seven Simple Steps to a Calmer, Peaceful, Happier You!
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Seven Simple Steps to a Calmer, Peaceful, Happier You!

Dear Reader, No matter what we are striving for, or see others striving for in  Life, did you know that beneath and at the root of all the striving and drama, there are just three, simple and FREE things we all want in life...

2) LOVE & 

The greatest and most direct way to connect with the three things we are all striving for is to regularly practise some form of meditation, not from purely a spiritual point of view (meditation can indeed be a beautifully spiritual practise, as the very nature of meditation practise is spiritual) yet, from the understanding that meditation practise is for EVERYONE to benefit from and enjoy! 

Whether you are already practising a form of meditation, or are completely new to the practise of meditation, I feel it my duty, particularly as you have wonderfully landed upon, and are a valued guest on this weblog, that this very moment is the appropriate time for me to share with you a very simple, yet, powerfully effective five minute meditation exercise. This, I hope will help you to experience how phenomenally beneficial just a few minutes meditation practise daily can be to help improve your health, well being, and help you to cope with every aspect of Life with a more balanced, calm, and confident approach. And crucially, to make the three simple things we all want in Life (with practise...) become your reality!     
To meditate actually means to 'think', as I've mentioned in my previous articles, which comes as quite a surprise to many readers! Meditation practise helps us to focus our minds on something GOOD, being peaceful, and choosing to shut out the constant 'chatter' of our thoughts, and bring discipline to our minds, which, in turn provides us with more energy and enthusiasm to care for our physical bodies more-so and also helps us to keep in touch with and manage our emotions easier. 

Meditation practise enable us to re-connect more regularly with our inner (Divine) and wiser self, in place of the 'ego self', which often runs riot like a misbehaved child if not managed in a healthy way! 


The meditation practices I teach can be enjoyed by anyone, and my students ages range from 5 to 89 years old. My students are from all walks of life and are from different cultures and have different beliefs, and we are all one in our practise. 

Meditation practices have been well documented and taken place for hundreds of years, mainly in the Eastern areas of our beautiful planet, and the many benefits of regular practise of meditation can help us to improve our lives in so many different ways and on may different levels in our own lives, relationships, and the lives of those around us. 

There are many different types of meditation practise to choose from, and the type of practise I share with you here teaches a combination of mindfulness meditation (observing ones thoughts, yet, MINDFULLY allowing your thoughts pass) and learning also to relax the physical body, which can help to ease physical and mental suffering as well as re-connect you with your spirituality (strength). When I talk of spirituality, I mean re-associating you with your Source/Strength/Vital Life force energy, therefore, filling yourself up with the same energy which supports Life in all forms of nature.  

So! Are you ready to take:-


1) Find a time and place where you can sit or lie down quietly for just 5 minutes twice daily. In the morning before you get out of bed is an ideal time and just before you are about to go to sleep at night (our subconscious mind is more open to receiving information at those times, therefore, wonderfully, storing information and those times can be most beneficial, particularly as the 'input' is GOOD information to keep on file! Make sure the area you choose to meditate in is warm and free from draughts. Setting an alarm timer onto vibrate can be useful if you need to keep to a time limit. 

2) Sit or lie down, whichever way is most comfortable for you. Cover yourself with a light warm blanket if the room is a little cold (when we relax our bodies lose heat, so it's always good to stay warm during and just after your meditation time).  

3)  Make sure your spine is straight. Relax your shoulders and keep your eyes open for this meditation. I want you to be able to practise being in a state of meditation and stay alert with this exercise.,particularly when practising your meditation in the morning time. If you find your thoughts are racing, however, just before you are preparing to go to sleep, closing your eyes gently may be more beneficial for you at bed time. 

4) Allow your eyes to gaze at an object and to go into "soft focus" and think (say silently to yourself) 

' I now choose to be peaceful, I relax my legs, abdomen, shoulders, hands, and  jaw (unclench your jaw and let you tongue lie soft and relaxed in your mouth). 

If you find your thoughts becoming un-focussed, imagine your thoughts are clouds passing across a blue sky (some bigger than others, some smaller, some darker, others lighter) allow these thoughts to just come and go again, with practise you can become an ‘observer’ of your thoughts, instead of thinking and making your thoughts be you! 

5) Place one hand on the area just below your naval (this energy point covers the area of the Sacral Chakra energy centre, which is representative of your creativity, joy and abundance and covers the centre of energy point that is known to anchor and improve your over all physical and mental strength known as the 'Hara'.  

6)  Bring your consciousness (focus) to the feeling and sensation of your weight being fully supported by the chair/bed beneath you and take five SLOW, DEEP breaths in and out to the count of five seconds in your in breath and seven seconds on your out breath (this breathing technique helps to clear the lungs of stale air and re-energises the body, mind, and your general energy levels) only repeat for five breaths and return your breathing to its normal pattern.
The aim of this meditation is for you to practise being able to remain in a relaxed, yet, alert state of mind and being for five minutes at a time, twice daily, if possible. if your mind begins to wonder, re-focussing on the feeling and sensation of your warm hand over your Hara area can be beneficial. 

7)  Bring yourself gently back from your meditation by slowly focussing on the feeling of your weight on the chair/bed, gradually making your breathing (without strain a little stronger and deeper), wriggling your fingers and toes and most importantly having a relaxing deep stretch and yawn to refresh your body and mind with freshly oxygenated blood. 

Gradually ease yourself back into your day or sleep with a relaxed and refreshed approach. 

Remember to keep practising your meditation to get the full benefits! of this amazing form of relaxation.

Happy meditating!  

Until next time Dear Reader, stay well, safe, and keep smiling! 

With love and light, 


If you would like to receive personally guided meditations specifically to suit you and life style with me, please feel free to email me at 

Namaste x