Seven Simple Steps to Improve Your Happiness Levels
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Seven Simple Steps to Improve Your Happiness Levels

Dear Reader, How blessed we both are that you’ve landed here on this page, for us both, there will be good reasons why you are reading this. When I woke up this morning I knew I wanted to get my blog written to you and wasn’t sure what topic I could share with you at this time, then I realised that actually, I had this message (thought) come to me yesterday, and I was so busy at the time with other things, I didn’t get to write my blog here, so, without further delay, knew that as soon as I started writing, the message for you would flow and it is and here it is! 

First, how are you? What word or words came into your mind when I asked you that question? I know those of you who are regular guests to reading this blog will have read that I’ve asked similar, yet different questions before, and I will more than likely ask again at another time. It’s a question which we all ask each other from time to time, but how often do we ask ourselves how we are?  We know how we’re feeling, but how often do we ask ourselves with empathy and true commitment to helping ourselves? So, whatever word came into your mind, (it could be singularly the word ‘thirsty’ or ‘hungry’ or a sentence), whatever came forth for you, please remember to focus some time on addressing and rectifying what is necessary to be done if there is anything you really want to improve on right now in this moment in time, because, the clear message for you at this time is for YOU TO BE TRUE TO YOU! 

We often go through times when we are so busy with situations, and things, and people that require our attention in Life that we somehow don’t get time to follow through what it is that’s important for our own needs, desires and wishes and that is dear to us. Giving is a wonderful thing to do and many Spiritual practices encourage us to give of ourselves, however, there comes a point when it is necessary, even crucial, that we receive also. The flow of giving and receiving encourages balance in our Lives and this is what is required for you at this time.  

There are so many aspects to attaining and maintaining balance in our Lives to help keep us healthy and happy including adequate rest, sleep, eating nutritional foods and drinking plenty of water, getting some exercise etc as we all know, however, the focus here, right now, and at this point time is that balance is required by you being true to everything that is about you. Your likes, dislikes, loves, hates, it’s time to come back to who you really are and what helps you to feel and be healthier and happier. As we already know, a healthy mindset replicates as a healthy body status too, so it’s all good news! 

We are all wonderfully different and unique, what works well or suits some people may not necessarily work or suit other individuals. So, let’s focus on what is right for you. Are you ready to take three minutes to help you get back to being true to you, so you can be of better service to yourself and everyone and everything else that requires your love, devotion, time and attention? I’m here to tell you that no one else deserves all of those things more so than you do right now, so lets get started! 

Here’s my very simple, yet, highly effective seven step daily practice to help you to get back to being TRUE TO YOU!
  1. Make time to take time for yourself. This will only take a few seconds in time (that’s all it takes!)  
  2. Make sure you are in a place (if possible) where you can remain undisturbed for a few seconds (you can still do this exercise sitting at your desk at work or anywhere)
  3. Close your eyes if practical (obviously not if you are driving or operating machinery of course!) closing our eyes helps us to shut out distractions and to look within
  4. Take 5 deep slow breaths in and out to help calm your thoughts and focus simply on your breath and the intention of this exercise to help you BE TRUE TO YOU
  5. Ask yourself the question HOW ARE YOU? It’s important that you say the words as if you are asking another person for this exercise particularly when you first begin to practice the exercise, so your true empathy flows through to you and whatever responses (thoughts) come into your mind, please remember to act upon them. You are connecting with your truth at this point
  6. Repeat this exercise three times everyday mid morning, mid afternoon and mid evening for seven days and observe and enjoy how good it feels and what good comes from being TRUE TO YOU
  7. When you get used to BEING TRUE TO YOU generally. In the following weeks begin to introduce all other areas of your Life (your home Life, work Life, relationship Life, leisure Life). For example, ask yourself HOW AM I IN MY HOME LIFE? /WORK LIFE? etc. You may be surprised at what you discover! Please remember to ACT UPON YOUR TRUTHS. So long as we express oursleves with integrity, kindness and fairness to ourselves and others, all is well, and shall be well in time...

Good luck with your practicing BEING TRUE TO YOU! Please feel free to comment below if you wish. Let me know if this helps you.  

By the way! I’ve sent distance healing to anyone who reads my blogs here, so you have just received some! And if you don’t want to receive healing, that’s fine too, because the healing will go to someone else who is wanting to receive right now, so it’s all good news! ;)

Until next time Dear Reader, have fun, be safe, take care, enjoy the sunshine if you can and have any where you are, and if you don’t have sunshine where you are, I’m sending you some right here and now in this message! ☼

Sending you much Light, Love, and an abundance of beautiful Sunbeams to help nurture and heal your mind, body and Soul.


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