Ten Extremely Healthy and Good Reasons to Make Love
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Ten Extremely Healthy and Good Reasons to Make Love

Welcome to my latest Summer time blog! Now, maybe it’s because the sun is shining, or maybe not, if I were to reiterate the well known key factor areas here that we should remember to include in our Lives to attain and maintain good levels of health and wellbeing, they of course would be: 

  • Good nutritional balance  - of all food and fluids

  • Work - stimulation through having a sense of purpose in Life

  • Rest - adequate daily and regular periods of rest and relaxation

  • Play - fun times included in every day at some time (keep a check on that one - it’s often necessary to remind ourselves to have fun!)

What you may not expect me to recommend to you or write about are also the many benefits of including...

  • Love Making in your daily Life to keep you healthy and happy!

Here are some factual reasons why having a healthy sex Life is so important to us as human beings who, after all, consist of masses of cells and chemicals! And a Soul that is having a ‘human experience’ ! 

1)  Love Making is Great for Reducing Stress
During sexual arousal and orgasm our body’s levels of endorphins; including dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin (nuerotrasmitter chemicals which increase mental and physical relaxation, promote mood elevation and feelings of euphoria) significantly increase 

2)  Love Making is Known to Improve Sleep Quality
The increased levels of the chemical oxytocin which is produced during arousal and orgasm promotes deep and restful sleep patterns 

3)  Love Making Helps to Improve the Immune System
It is recorded that at a Wilkes University a study of 112 college students kept records of their saliva over the course of a few months, and the students who took part In sexual activity twice weekly, showed marked increases in the antibody Immunoglobulin A or IgA in their bodies, which protects the body from succumbing to colds and other infections 

4)  Love Making Helps to Reduce Blood Pressure Levels
In a study carried out in Scotland 24 women and 22 men were reported to have their blood pressure levels checked before taking part in moderate to high stressful situations including public speaking. It was reported that the people who were taking part in regular sexual activity (twice weekly and more) had significantly lower diastolic blood pressure levels (the lower level of blood pressure when taken) than the people who abstained from taking part in sexual activity

5)  Love Making Helps to Reduce Pain
The rise in levels of the hormone Oxytocin during arousal and orgasm boosts the body’s natural painkillers called endorphins, which can help ease headaches, general aches and pains, PMS, menstural pain and migraines. Orgasms can also help release blood clots during painful menstural periods.

6)  Love Making Helps to Burn Off Excess Calories - So Great for Weight Loss!
According to clinical studies thirty minutes of sexual activity burns an average of 85 calories or more!

7)  Love Making is a Good Form of Cardio Vascular Exercise
Arousal and orgasm gets our hearts pumping and circulation flowing faster and helps also to give our lungs a good work out (obviously, if you have heart, lung, or other physical health problems, it’s sensible to stay within your own comfort zones with this) 

8) Love Making Improves the Health of our Skin and can Give us Younger Looks!
According to the Federal Sexual Medicines Centre UCLA, arousal and orgasm increases the body’s production of the hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) which helps our skin to look younger in appearance (reducing stress levels will also do this) and gives skin a healthy ‘glow’ 

9)  Love Making Can Help Raise Levels of Self Esteem
According to college studies, students reported raised levels of self esteem when taking part in sexual activities regularly (naturally, SAFE Sex was always advised) 

10)  Love Making is Great Form of Meditation
As you'll have been previously enlightened if you have read some of my earlier Blogs, or you may already be aware, that Meditating is not all about sitting completely still in a crossed legged position and trying not to think! The word Meditation means 'to think' upon something. The great meditative benefits of taking part in sexual activity is that when in a state of arousal and orgasm, we are completely and wholly (as long as all is well) focussing on being in the  moment! 

And as if all those health giving benefits weren’t good enough reasons to 're-think' your views on taking part in sexual activity regularly, Sex Education Therapist Logan Loukoff PhD is reported to say that “having sex is a pleasure on its own - regardless of partner status and it helps you make better decisions about relationships”. 

Whatever you decide personally regarding Love Making , there’s no doubt that taking part in SAFE LOVE MAKING is beneficial for our minds, body’s, emotions, and may even be good for our Souls. 

Remind yourself to stay safe in all respects, only take part in sexual activities with a fully consenting partner and enjoy! 

Until next time Dear reader, take good care and be extra kind to yourself and others, after all, as I often say, 
‘WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!” And that sentence has often been repeated by many others on the internet and elsewhere since I mentioned it in my work and said it on an internet radio show (Oh well, what is it that’s said?.. ‘Immitation is the highest form of flattery’ - since becoming an Author, writer, and working on the internet, I’m feeling very flattered indeed!) 


With Love,