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Seven Simple Steps to Improve Your Happiness Levels

Dear Reader, How blessed we both are that you’ve landed here on this page, for us both, there will be good reasons why you are reading this. When I woke up this morning I knew I wanted to get my blog written to you and wasn’t sure what topic I could share with you at this time, then I realised that actually, I had this message (thought) come to me yesterday, and I was so busy at the time with other things, I didn’t get to write my blog here, so, without further delay, knew that as soon as I started writing, the message for you would flow and it is and here it is!

Seven Simple Steps to a Calmer, Peaceful, Happier You!

Dear Reader, No matter what we are striving for, or see others striving for in  Life, did youknow that beneath and at the root of all the striving and drama, there are just three, simple and FREE things we all want in life...

2) LOVE & 

The greatest and most direct way to connect with the three things we are all striving for is to regularly practise some form of meditation, not from purely a spiritual point of view (meditation can indeed be a beautifully spiritual practise, as the very nature of meditation practise is spiritual) yet, from the understanding that meditation practise is for EVERYONE to benefit from and enjoy!

Mindfulness of The Mind Menace

Dear Reader, welcome to my second blog of this brand new shiny and exciting year!
How are you doing? What word came onto your mind when you just read my question about how are you doing? Please remember to take notice of what your inner self is telling you... Are you managing to keep as positive as possible during our transition into the year 2013? Check out the weather, it's all been a little unsettled to say the least, and of course, being all part of, anåd containing the same chemical compounds as the stars themselves, it's no wonder that we feel 'differently' and our energy changes with the perpetual changes of our weather.